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Music Portfolio 16 January, 2008

I’ll update this periodically, but here is some of my best and latest music for your listening pleasure.


See http://ratchet.bandcamp.com/!


See the TurnShip music page.

One A Day

To get back into writing music again, I wrote a piece a day for a week.

Saturday: Outside Of This
Inspiration: deviantART

Sunday: Sunset Town 2 Start
The last one wasn’t deserty enough. This is just a quick start.

Monday: Rusted and Tangled
Inspiration: deviantART

Tuesday: Zombie Ghost Pirates
Tried to make it sound like Monkey Island.

Wednesday: Something Beautiful
Inspiration: deviantART

Thursday: Maplewood Town (Orchestrated)
Uni assignment: Write a piece for the student orchestra.

Friday: Starlight on Mars (w/ Video)
Uni assignment: Write a piece that conveys a mood, to go with the video of your choice. (Cowboy Bebop movie used.)


Fanny & Albert
For University Coursework: Assignment was to compose a piece of music for a clip we chose from a range. More info here.
For University Coursework: Composed using Little Sound Dj on the Gameboy.
Trainer Battle
For Pokémon Treasures: A standard, pokémon-style trainer battle. Suitable for home or outdoor use.
A test to try a new microphone. The Old Legend theme from Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, played on Autoharp, 12-string guitar (pulled from a skip) and steel-string guitar.
Evil Machine Battle
For Pokémon Treasures: The final battle against the evil genius who has fused himself with an ancient dark machine.
For Pokémon Treasures: Theme for a girl who lost her memory, and became an Ice-type Gym leader.
Crystal Lake
For Pokémon Treasures: A lake which is purified by crystals, growing on the lake bed.
Peachblossom Woods
For Pokémon Treasures: A mysterious forest, full of peach trees. There is an homage in the song to Ilex Forest from Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal.

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