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Contact 16 January, 2008

I can usually be found online on the vast plains of Instant Messaging, and emails are accepted readily. Just don’t send me any severed heads, there’s no room left on my mantelpiece.

AIM: BonzaiOfPF


Frequently Frequented Forums:
Pokémon Factory (&site)
The first ever site I worked fror. Some of my sprite work is on the site, but I mostly do website work there now.

Pokémon Treasures (&site) (JEPE)
An online MMO pokémon fangame. I have composed a lot of the music, and I’m helping program it (through JEPE), as well as odd-jobs such as maintenance and data collation.

Archives of the Shadow Realm
A close-knit community of about 7. We discuss geeky things. If you don’t take yourself (or indeed anything) too seriously and speak in proper English, you’ll be welcomed.

RPGsRUs (Gaia Online)
A lot of people from AotSR, plus some extras, like to roleplay in our spare time, and we have several freeform games set up here. I run a Discworld-based one.
It’ll cost you 100 gold to get in, but you can make that quite easily via Daily Chance, surfing the site, and posting in the forums. It’s one-off, anyway. Actual gamers only, though, please.


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