Discerning elucidations regarding whatever comes to mind.

About 16 January, 2008

BonzaiRob (bon•zai•rob, noun, BON-zahy-rob) is a classic example of your general all-purpose nerd. He knows a bit about anything, a bit more about some things, and quantifiably a lot about music theory. But that’s just a specialty.

He doesn’t get a chance to speak in third person much, so this is proving to be more fun than expected. He started out on the internet as a n00b, and then at level 5 he got a job at the Pokémon Factory helping to make fake pokémon. As he levelled up, he started learning about all the fun you can have on the web, and how to make it BY WHICH I OF COURSE MEAN CODING. Uh, he does. Did.

Acquiring knowledge of HTML, Flash, CSS, PHP and Java, and also some levels in Photoshop, Flash, Sibelius, and Logic, BonzaiRob made his way around the web helping those in need, carefully leaving time for dicking about on forums, and gaining some levels in video games. He has done work for various sites and forums, linkts to which can be found in the Contact section. With his class now Mac-Enthusiast Web-Guru Arty-Guy Gamer, he feels maybe some people might like to listen to what he has to say. Probably moreso when he wears his Sonic hat (+10 geekiness, but -10% resistance to idiocy).

He is currently taking a course in Music Composition and Professional Practice (the last part of which means “learning how to effectively bullshit about composers”), with a small course in Screenwriting on the side. He is depressingly happy to meet new people and won’t bite your head off or cut out your parts if you want to talk to him. Just bear in mind he likes to replace the word “heart” with “parts”.


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