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Mix Song 26 April, 2010

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Playlist on shuffle
The first line of a song that plays is a line in your song
Skip tracks with no or garbled lyrics
20 lines, and the 21st is the title.

Ruth got an emo song with the occasional french line (but also “I love you love he love she love chicken bone”); our friend Ben got a terrible emo love poem. I think mine is just as revealing, in a different way.


I’m In The Sky Tonight

Windy, windy
Lately I’ve been livin’ in my head
I don’t care if it rains or freezes
Somedays aren’t yours at all

OK mister sunshine
Unit three-thousand twenty-one is warming
Hey, what were you thinkin’
Good and bad I swear I’ve had

I see you there
You are
Two white horses in a line
Well don’t ya think that I’ll overreact now

Beautiful land
Again and again, I get up and say
To be the motion actor
These toys are all lifeless, the armour’s worn off

I want to sing
No more runnin’, says my mind
One to three four five SEX SEX SEX