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Fanny and Alexander 8 December, 2008

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Yes, I know. Hurr.

This is another piece for university. The assignment was to pick a clip out of a range, and put some suitable music to it. I thought I’d try out some new things while I did.

The Instruments:
In order of application:
Ikea Blanda: A tiny metal bowl that goes \’ding\’ when held properly and flicked. It doesn’t resonate pefectly to a pitch, I suspect because the inside and outside resonate seperately, so it sounds like there are two notes at the same time.
Ikea Pralin: A nice, large glass with a stem. I flicked this one too, for a more mellow sond than the Blanda.
Ikea Pralin Again: I made it sing (water and a finger).
My Cello: I’ve never tried recording it before. It probably would have sounded better if my celling skills weren’t so rusty.

I’m quite happy with how this has turned out. If you’ve never heard Saint-Saens’ Dance Macabre, give it a listen. I’d love to be half as good.

My piece can be listened to/downloaded here, and there’s a video here.