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Hax (part 2) 22 April, 2008

Filed under: Life — bonzairob @ 11:14 am

I’m happy with how all these are looking. I’m getting some purple LEDs to do the same again to Ruth’s remote soon, along with some bulk stuff.
Why bulk? Well, my friend Burger has a car. It’s old, and knackered. He wants to sell it on. What would increase value like pretty LEDs sapping away at the battery? So he’s going to give me some money to go mad on LEDs, and then leave his car with me for a few days for me to put LEDs wherever I deem them necessary. I’m still thinking about how to get them into the wheels.

A little while ago, I bought a “Crazy Music Generator” from maplins, which is basically a stunted theremin. It generates a tone, and as your hand (or something metal) gets closer to the copper plate, the tone’s pitch rises.
This is all well and good, but on its own it’s a bit boring. So, I was thinking, how possible would it be to turn it into a guitar controller? This is my next project.
I’ve been playing with the circuit, using a spare LED to test joins and short between terminals, and I’ve isolated the bit that generates the tone (I think). Now, I need to work out how to wire a guitar in.

Also, if the person looking at my CV from GAME is looking at this page, I’d like to make clear that the below post isn’t complaining about Game and it’s preordering system, but Nintendo and its ridiculous handling of the SSBB release date. Thank you. Sorry.


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