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Screenplay and work 9 April, 2008

Filed under: Rambling — bonzairob @ 9:48 pm

Right now I’m working on a screenplay as part of my uni course, well, kind of; it’s a special module that we have to do, which is completely different to the rest of the course. So it’s that much to do with my course.

After that I need to work on PF’s site, I think, but I’m also trying to get another radio show off the ground.
Busy busy busy.

Anyway, PF’s site is looking pretty good, I’m happy with it. i need to think up a layout for the forums, I think after this I’ll go and look at forum layouts somewhere. Forum layouts can’t be as flexible and exciting as normal site layouts, though, since it’s basically a series of tables however you look at it. I still need to do more flexible and exciting layouts though :c I want a proper site again.

What I also really, really want to do is more hands-on projects. I realised that the hacking/modding stuff is basically me doing hands-on stuff, which I’ve always liked. I’m really looking forward to getting inside those wiimotes (the screwdriver finally arrived, but I need LEDs).
It’s fun. I wish I could do more but most of my hacking is online… oh well. I’ll try to think of some things to do that’ll be interesting enough to post.


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