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9 April, 2008

Filed under: Life — bonzairob @ 9:52 pm

So I’d like to get into updating this daily. It’d be nice. Maybe I could flag up bigger posts somehow, but keep daily posts short.

Right now I’m working on a screenplay as part of my uni course, well, kind of; it’s a special module that we have to do, which is completely different to the rest of the course. So it’s that much to do with my course. After that I need to work on PF’s site, I think, but I’m also trying to get another radio show off the ground. Busy busy busy.

Anyway, PF’s site is looking pretty good, I’m happy with it. i need to think up a layout for the forums, I think after this I’ll go and look at forum layouts somewhere. Forum layouts can’t be as flexible and exciting as normal site layouts, though, since it’s basically a series of tables however you look at it. I still need to do more flexible and exciting layouts though :c I want a proper site again.

What I also really, really want to do is more hands-on projects. I realised that the hacking/modding stuff is basically me doing hands-on stuff, which I’ve always liked. I’m really looking forward to getting inside those wiimotes (the screwdriver finally arrived, but I need LEDs)
It’s not the idea of having glowy wiimotes that excites me, althoguh it is cool; it’s the prospect of screwing, soldering, and sticking. I’ve always loved making things since I was little and I want to do more.
Me and ruth had a vague plan that we were going to make ourselves steampunk costumes at one point. She’d make the actual clothes, an then I’d finish them off with funky things like cogs and LEDs. The idea’s kind of stalled, though, because now she has some bright Ikea fabric, Ruth is more interested in making real clothes (bah), and if I want to make something, I have neither the space to make nor store it.

Oh well. Tonight I shall dream of steam-driven rayguns.


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