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And We’re Back. 6 March, 2008

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The move is complete, and our new flat has a working, fast internet connection.

I’m not really sure what to update now.. me and Ruth have been having some health problems lately, we’re pretty sure it was stress from the move. Just stuff like colds and fevers. It seems to be settling down now.

Ruth says I need a proper portfolio for my music… I suppose a page on here doesn’t really show off my talents particularly well. I’ll keep it for now and work on another one. I want something cool and professional in Flash. Anyway, there’s a new piece on the portfolio page here.

That and I’d like to record an album of some sort. But I wouldn’t really know what to put on it. I just need to mess around with instruments more, I think, and get stuff down and done. I’d like to get my name out there.

Excuse the writing style, I’m sleepy. I must go to bed soon. Shine on, you crazy diamonds..!


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