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Back for a little while… 26 January, 2008

Filed under: Life — bonzairob @ 9:15 pm

I’m back at my parents’ house again. We still have no phone line in our flat; apparently an engineer needs to come out, have a look at the line, flip a switch on the street terminal, tut under his breath, and then charge us whatever he feels like. Great.

But oh well. I’ll try to get that done next week. For now, I’m downloading myriad things to my new 2GB flash drive. It’s made by a company called Corsair, so of course it now has pirate icons all over it

I don’t have much else to say for now, except that I’m a little disappointed in one of the projects I’m working on. It’s had a history of not really progressing much, but now it actually is, we’re losing members faster than ever… What can I do..?


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