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Hiatus 18 January, 2008

Filed under: Life — bonzairob @ 11:17 pm

So much for more cello stuff. I’ve spent today doing moving-housey things: talking to estate agents, making fun of ridiculous legalese (I take pride in my vocabulary, I don’t think these documents were written by very erudite lawyers), packing a car with my belongings. Well, actually, a 7-seater people-carrier. With 4 seats out. Up to the roof.

And my computer still to go.

So now, with heavy heart and aching back, I must take my leave of absence from teh internetz. We’ve bought this flat, but have no internet or, apparently, phone line. I’ll probably use the time to practice drawing and fiddling with my CV, so I can actually get a job of some sort. I’m going to need it; if the landlord has actually physically disconnected the phoneline it’ll cost £124 to put it back. Even if we don’t have to pay that, it’ll be £12ish a month for line rental, then £18ish for broadband on top of all that. And £395 rent. And water/electricity. *sigh*

Well, assuming anyone is reading this, I wish you luck in your endeavours for the next week or so. Until i get back on the internet, when your luck will run out. Be warned.


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