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Cello 18 January, 2008

Filed under: Music,Rambling — bonzairob @ 1:49 am

I got my new cello today. It arrived in a box the size and shape of a coffin. I hope it’s not undead.

I’m pleased with how it sounds :) I’ll probably upload a new version of Legend with the cello in, if I can play the arpeggiated bit properly once. At first Ithought it sounded metallic, but then realised that the cello i’d been using before (borrowed from high school) in fact had a dull tone. This one is nice and loud, pretty in the high registers and pleasantly farty in the bass.

(In my experience of university, whenever a tutor mentions a bass instrument, they always use the adjective “farty”. I have no idea why it’s so universal, but it’s effective, don’t you agree?)

It was nice to play with a cello again. I feel like I’m actually fluent in this instrument; sure, I can bang a tune out of a guitar, but with the cello it feels more controlled. Like I can think of a tune, then play it after like three tries. Being the hopeless nerd I am, I played t least four tunes from Zelda along with the only Bach and Tchaikovsky pieces I know (Suite 1 for cello and Chanson Triste Op.40 #2 respectively). Maybe it’s sad, but I can mostly play them from memory too.
The cello came with a cool case, as well – it’s a solid one (rather than canvas) and it has some secrt pockets, space for two bows 9which i now have) and a little embedded humidity gauge thing :D Also wheels. Those might be useful.

Tomorrow (well today) we’re doing the final signings before me and Ruth move into our new flat! Woo! It’ll be nice when our future isn’t so up in the air. Although it’s only temporary, because we’re going to Italy next year for Ruth’s course’s year abroad. Hopefully in Italy, some kind old lady will pay me to write string quartet pieces or pinano* miniatures.

Well, I believe it’s time for bed. More on the cello tomorrow, perhaps.

*If you’re cool, you call pianos pinanos. Otherwise I’ll PEER PRESSURE ya.


One Response to “Cello”

  1. Cello Freak Says:

    Hello – have you ever heard of/tried a Boom Stand ?

    They seem like they are great for Cellos because they get the music closer to your eyes with getting in the way of hand movements etc.

    I’m thinking about buying one but i haven’t seem them in the stores only online,

    I found the manufacture at http://www.theboomstand.com but thats about it

    any ideas?

    Thx ;)

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