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The story so far… 16 January, 2008

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You might have seen me around the int0rwebz, or maybe you found me in a search engine. This might not be on the front page for long, but I shall introduce myself:

I am Robin Alexander Hayes, born on the 20th of December 1988. I am a musician and an artist, and thus a total wuss. I like Nintendo consoles and Apple computers, and I am unashamedly geeky in every aspect of my life. I am proud to say that my favourite pokémon is Charizard. Perhaps surprisingly, I have a wonderful girlfriend, although she’s pretty geeky too; she’s the most wonderful human being I have ever met and there could not possibly be someone more perfect for me. Ok, enough sap. I have an odd and at times subversive sense of humour from listening to too much Spike Milligan. I think that nothing is truly boring in this world, except perhaps lectures on masterpiece culture in the 19th century. Life is amazing, and not enough people realise that. I want to travel all over the world, collecting instruments on the way. I play string instruments best, and I want one of each. You heard me. I love finding hidden things and secrets, especially in well-traveled places like cities. I love the concept of quantum, because it means that somewhere in the multiverse, magic is real. It’d be nice to think it’s here. I think proper English is important, if only to be understood, and that all language is fascinating. I like nothing better than making people happy, in small ways or big. Also urban art is kinda cool.

So a blog. Why? Well, I’ve been reading up on how to get a job in the gaming industry, and I guess a lot of the rules there hold true for all industries, but one of the best recommendations was to get myself a blog where I can just talk about whatever, and then prospective employers can decide if they like me or not for it. There was a lot of other stuff too, but this is sort of the hub of it all.

I’ve gone with a pretty old-style layout. I like older stuff… I sometimes feel that I should have been born in the early 1700s and become a natural philosopher, or something. If I didn’t die of the ‘pox or the ‘sumption first, of course (but then I make that assumption whenever planning my future). But I think the internet would benefit from more serif fonts and paper textures, and needless ornamentation. That plus web 2.0 could bring in a new era of.. something. Unfortunately, most sites designed like that seem to be for gothy emo bands or whatever. Such a shame.

Perhaps it says something about my life that the most exciting things to happen to me this week are:

  1. Moving in with my girlfriend. This is the “real” one.
  2. Getting a new microphone/phantom power source. It’s studio quality and awesome.
  3. Building a small theremin from a kit. Still needs fiddling with (and I should probably connect the speaker properly).
  4. Buying the most awesome hat I have ever seen; Sonic the Hedgehog is eating my head as I type.

I’d like to use this blog for reviewing new stuff I buy, but I’m rarely if ever really critical about something I buy, probably because I’m the cheap0rz and don’t buy something unless it’s AWESOME or discounted. I suppose I’ll give it a go.

So what to review first? Hmm… Oh! I know. My friend Canadanian Matt recently sent me some stuff by a man called Bit Shifter. What he does is use various homebrew ROM/cartridge things, to make music with a GameBoy. I love it XD You can’t beat that crunchy, hissy, historical sound. I’m very tempted by the ROM for the downloadable program he uses (it’s $30 or so). If you enjoyed playing on a GameBoy way back when, or even any console with 8bit-style chip music, give him a look.

I’m not sure what else I can say :/ I guess I’ll just post anything interesting that I come across, and anything I feel like talking about. If you want to get in contact, feel free, I’ll reply unless you tell me not to. Soyeah, peace out.


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