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Back for a little while… 26 January, 2008

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I’m back at my parents’ house again. We still have no phone line in our flat; apparently an engineer needs to come out, have a look at the line, flip a switch on the street terminal, tut under his breath, and then charge us whatever he feels like. Great.

But oh well. I’ll try to get that done next week. For now, I’m downloading myriad things to my new 2GB flash drive. It’s made by a company called Corsair, so of course it now has pirate icons all over it

I don’t have much else to say for now, except that I’m a little disappointed in one of the projects I’m working on. It’s had a history of not really progressing much, but now it actually is, we’re losing members faster than ever… What can I do..?


Hiatus 18 January, 2008

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So much for more cello stuff. I’ve spent today doing moving-housey things: talking to estate agents, making fun of ridiculous legalese (I take pride in my vocabulary, I don’t think these documents were written by very erudite lawyers), packing a car with my belongings. Well, actually, a 7-seater people-carrier. With 4 seats out. Up to the roof.

And my computer still to go.

So now, with heavy heart and aching back, I must take my leave of absence from teh internetz. We’ve bought this flat, but have no internet or, apparently, phone line. I’ll probably use the time to practice drawing and fiddling with my CV, so I can actually get a job of some sort. I’m going to need it; if the landlord has actually physically disconnected the phoneline it’ll cost £124 to put it back. Even if we don’t have to pay that, it’ll be £12ish a month for line rental, then £18ish for broadband on top of all that. And £395 rent. And water/electricity. *sigh*

Well, assuming anyone is reading this, I wish you luck in your endeavours for the next week or so. Until i get back on the internet, when your luck will run out. Be warned.



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I got my new cello today. It arrived in a box the size and shape of a coffin. I hope it’s not undead.

I’m pleased with how it sounds :) I’ll probably upload a new version of Legend with the cello in, if I can play the arpeggiated bit properly once. At first Ithought it sounded metallic, but then realised that the cello i’d been using before (borrowed from high school) in fact had a dull tone. This one is nice and loud, pretty in the high registers and pleasantly farty in the bass.

(In my experience of university, whenever a tutor mentions a bass instrument, they always use the adjective “farty”. I have no idea why it’s so universal, but it’s effective, don’t you agree?)

It was nice to play with a cello again. I feel like I’m actually fluent in this instrument; sure, I can bang a tune out of a guitar, but with the cello it feels more controlled. Like I can think of a tune, then play it after like three tries. Being the hopeless nerd I am, I played t least four tunes from Zelda along with the only Bach and Tchaikovsky pieces I know (Suite 1 for cello and Chanson Triste Op.40 #2 respectively). Maybe it’s sad, but I can mostly play them from memory too.
The cello came with a cool case, as well – it’s a solid one (rather than canvas) and it has some secrt pockets, space for two bows 9which i now have) and a little embedded humidity gauge thing :D Also wheels. Those might be useful.

Tomorrow (well today) we’re doing the final signings before me and Ruth move into our new flat! Woo! It’ll be nice when our future isn’t so up in the air. Although it’s only temporary, because we’re going to Italy next year for Ruth’s course’s year abroad. Hopefully in Italy, some kind old lady will pay me to write string quartet pieces or pinano* miniatures.

Well, I believe it’s time for bed. More on the cello tomorrow, perhaps.

*If you’re cool, you call pianos pinanos. Otherwise I’ll PEER PRESSURE ya.


The story so far… 16 January, 2008

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You might have seen me around the int0rwebz, or maybe you found me in a search engine. This might not be on the front page for long, but I shall introduce myself:

I am Robin Alexander Hayes, born on the 20th of December 1988. I am a musician and an artist, and thus a total wuss. I like Nintendo consoles and Apple computers, and I am unashamedly geeky in every aspect of my life. I am proud to say that my favourite pokémon is Charizard. Perhaps surprisingly, I have a wonderful girlfriend, although she’s pretty geeky too; she’s the most wonderful human being I have ever met and there could not possibly be someone more perfect for me. Ok, enough sap. I have an odd and at times subversive sense of humour from listening to too much Spike Milligan. I think that nothing is truly boring in this world, except perhaps lectures on masterpiece culture in the 19th century. Life is amazing, and not enough people realise that. I want to travel all over the world, collecting instruments on the way. I play string instruments best, and I want one of each. You heard me. I love finding hidden things and secrets, especially in well-traveled places like cities. I love the concept of quantum, because it means that somewhere in the multiverse, magic is real. It’d be nice to think it’s here. I think proper English is important, if only to be understood, and that all language is fascinating. I like nothing better than making people happy, in small ways or big. Also urban art is kinda cool.

So a blog. Why? Well, I’ve been reading up on how to get a job in the gaming industry, and I guess a lot of the rules there hold true for all industries, but one of the best recommendations was to get myself a blog where I can just talk about whatever, and then prospective employers can decide if they like me or not for it. There was a lot of other stuff too, but this is sort of the hub of it all.

I’ve gone with a pretty old-style layout. I like older stuff… I sometimes feel that I should have been born in the early 1700s and become a natural philosopher, or something. If I didn’t die of the ‘pox or the ‘sumption first, of course (but then I make that assumption whenever planning my future). But I think the internet would benefit from more serif fonts and paper textures, and needless ornamentation. That plus web 2.0 could bring in a new era of.. something. Unfortunately, most sites designed like that seem to be for gothy emo bands or whatever. Such a shame.

Perhaps it says something about my life that the most exciting things to happen to me this week are:

  1. Moving in with my girlfriend. This is the “real” one.
  2. Getting a new microphone/phantom power source. It’s studio quality and awesome.
  3. Building a small theremin from a kit. Still needs fiddling with (and I should probably connect the speaker properly).
  4. Buying the most awesome hat I have ever seen; Sonic the Hedgehog is eating my head as I type.

I’d like to use this blog for reviewing new stuff I buy, but I’m rarely if ever really critical about something I buy, probably because I’m the cheap0rz and don’t buy something unless it’s AWESOME or discounted. I suppose I’ll give it a go.

So what to review first? Hmm… Oh! I know. My friend Canadanian Matt recently sent me some stuff by a man called Bit Shifter. What he does is use various homebrew ROM/cartridge things, to make music with a GameBoy. I love it XD You can’t beat that crunchy, hissy, historical sound. I’m very tempted by the ROM for the downloadable program he uses (it’s $30 or so). If you enjoyed playing on a GameBoy way back when, or even any console with 8bit-style chip music, give him a look.

I’m not sure what else I can say :/ I guess I’ll just post anything interesting that I come across, and anything I feel like talking about. If you want to get in contact, feel free, I’ll reply unless you tell me not to. Soyeah, peace out.


F1R5T P05T

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Well yeah. Welcome to my new blog. Time to get this thing skinned up to something I like.

This isn’t going to be much more than just a place to talk about how I feel about stuff, assuming someone one day might want to listen. Hey, you never know, fame might await.